South African Golden Kiwifruit Producer and Certified Nursery

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Gold Tree Farms


From seedling propagation through to the customer taking delivery we take the utmost care to ensure that plants of the highest quality are supplied into the market. Our skilled nursery team leaves no stone unturned to make sure all plants are well cared for during their stay. The nursery can hold up to 45000 plants a season and we pride ourselves on the quality of the plants supplied.


We begin our harvest in the middle of February and with dry matters exceeding 18% we are well placed to begin the Southern Hemisphere season. Each step in our Golden Kiwi production, be it flowering or crush tipping, are areas that we we work extremely hard on to make sure that final eating experience is one of excellence!


We work with an approach geared to improving soil health and biological diversity. Composting and Vermicast teas are made on the farm and delivered to the soil and plants at regular intervals. We are a herbicide free environment and work to put back all that we can into building our soils for the future. Our rich white clover cover crop ensures that all bee life is well sustained.


We have been Global Gap registered since 2018. Global Gap works well within in our own structures to ensure that due process is followed.